Psalm 63:1-8

this is a scripture that speaks powerfully to me, and it has brought me great peace lately.  in bold you will find the Biblical words of king david.  in the lighter color, my own thoughts.  i would love to know how these verses speak to you.

(1) O God, you are my God; earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you; my flesh faints for you, as in a dry and weary land where there is no water.
O God, you are my God!  God of Creation, THE God, eternal and sovereign over all…. and still you are a personal God to me.  you enjoy my company.  you chose me and adopted me from the bonds of death.  you love me with patience and with discipline.  you deal with me in a way that is unique to me and to our own private relationship.  you speak to me in ways that i can understand.  your love is tailored to the secret places of my heart.
i am desperate for you.  to look upon me, to comfort me, to SAVE me.  you are the air to my drowning body.  i gasp for you frantically.  there is no other way for me.  you alone can sustain my fragile life.  and when i surface from the deep, you are there to refresh my weary lungs.
O, Father, how i need you!  and how you then restore me!  in the desert of my soul, in my scorched and broken flesh, you come to me with healing.  you have led me to a cool and sparkling spring when a pool of bitter rain water would have far sufficed.  and with a touch to my parched and pleading lips, i am fully replenished.  only let me stay and drink forever! Continue reading

i am His child.

Last night i did not want to go to church.  Netflix and Chinese food in bed was infinitely more appealing.  But as a general rule, when my attitude toward church attendance becomes bitter, i know i had better get my butt to church.  
And so it was begrudgingly that i made the trip to Austin High for the 7 o’clock service.

Just when i thought i had my attitude in check, a group of no less than 20 sorority girls were in MY spot!  My entitlement in that moment quickly gave way to rage and I seriously considered leaving.  After all, this church thing is all about ME, isn’t it?  I was there to get what I needed, and what I needed was the comfort of routine.  Right?!


Thankfully, the Lord has blessed me with a man who can kill my self-righteousness with a look and squelch my childish outbursts with a hushed warning.  I spent the next few minutes in prayer and by the time the worship band took the stage I had regained my composure and found my rage replaced with peace.

I entered worship with a hungry heart.  And the Lord did not disappoint. Continue reading