confessions of a sinful parent

It’s been a full 72 hours since I’ve screamed at anyone. 

And to be perfectly fair, for 48 of those hours I was on a retreat without my family.

In any case, it feels really good. 


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A Letter to my Daughter in the Age of Feminism.

Recently millions of women – strong, beautiful, brave women – came together in cities across the country to march for equality and empowerment.  They were passionate, unified, and got a lot of things right.  And they were loud.

And yesterday morning as I laid there watching you sleep peacefully, I was wondering exactly what kind of world you’re going to grow up in. I was thinking about the full set of values that these women were marching for, and I was wondering how they ended up grouped together so firmly.  Many of them are values I hope you have, goals I hope you march for – many, but not all.  But it can get so loud in the world sometimes that suddenly it can be hard to even make sense of who you are through all the clamor.  And it struck me that I’m going to really have to get my act together if I’m going to teach you to stand apart from it.  Because if not me, then who? Continue reading

A Biblical Response to Terrorism

I sat here and tried to think of a catchy introduction to this post.  I searched my brain for a well-written lead in that would sugar coat the subject – but I don’t have one.  We are in the middle of a global terrorism crisis.  It’s bad, and it’s getting worse.  And you already know that.  It’s not occasional attacks, but daily massacres, both foreign and domestic.  Whether by a lone gunman on a college campus, a planted bomb on a passenger jet, an organized attack across a major city, or the systematic overtaking of village after village—the threat is constant and it is worldwide.  It hangs in the air all around us, and we can feel the thick darkness as it grows, a swirling, raging mass above our heads, begging us to ask: WHAT NOW?
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